Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art and sport that originated in Brazil in the 1920s and has evolved into one of the most popular and effective combat sports in the world. BJJ has its roots in the martial culture of Japan and Judo but has developed in a unique way.

The main characteristic of BJJ is its emphasis on ground combat and grappling. Athletes are trained in how to exploit positions and technique to dominate their opponent, using the power of their body and their mind. BJJ allows athletes of smaller physical stature to defeat stronger opponents through skill and technique.

Overall, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu represents a martial art that has evolved into both a sport and a way of life. With its focus on technique, perseverance, and mindfulness, BJJ offers a unique opportunity for both mental and physical development.

Nikolaos Polydoros

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Max Carvalho ZR Team


UWW 🥈European Grappling champion 2023

IBJJF Black belt M1 🥇 European chmapion 2022

IBJJF Black belt M1 🥉Open weight European champion 2022

IBJJF European adult 🥉champion 2017

6x times Greece National champion (all belts)

UWW 2x times Greece National 🥇 champion

IBJJF Berlin Open 🥇 champion 2016

IBJJF Paris Open 🥇champion 2017


Konstantinos Vrettos

My journey into martial arts began in 2005. I explored various combat sports such as Aikido, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Greco-Roman Wrestling until 2018 when I discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art that truly captivated me. I currently hold a Purple Belt under the guidance of Nikos Polydorou and Maximiliano de Figueiredo Carvalho, representing Primal Art and ZR Team Association.

My competitive journey includes the following achievements:


  • 1st place in the National Championship for White Belts.

  • 1st place in the Athens Invitational for White Belts.

  • 2nd place in the Dublin Open for White Belts.


  • 2nd place in the National Championship NOGI for Blue Belts.


  • 1st place in the National Championship with GI for Blue Belts.

  • 1st place in the National Championship NOGI for Blue Belts.

  • 1st place in my category at the AJP TOUR ATHENS INTERNATIONAL PRO for Blue Belts.

  • My greatest achievement, securing the 1st place in my category at the European Championship GI for Blue Belts.

  • 1st place in the Rome Open 2022 GI for Blue Belts.

  • 3rd place in the European Championship NOGI for Blue Belts.


  • 2nd place in the Greek National Submission Wrestling Championship (Grappling).

My martial arts journey has been filled with dedication and hard work, and I look forward to achieving even greater success in the future.